01. Strategic

Here at Easy As Pie Design we are meticulous planners and strategic thinkers.  We focus on using tried and true design principles and techniques to help you convert prospects into clients. 

02. Professional

We have a team of professionals with over 70+ years of combined experience to take your website design and marketing needs to the next level.  Working from small businesses to corporations, we have you covered. 

03. Loyal

Our clients value quality and family and we at Easy As Pie Design know that long term relationships create growth and revenue for everyone.  


Easy As Pie Design

Dedicated to businesses and companies who value working with people, we understand how frustrating it can be finding, hiring, and getting a website that fits your brand and your target clients. We offer simple solutions so you are up and running fast and designed to give you targeted results.  We love creating, we value a great worth ethic, and we desire to help you achieve great success.




Our story starts during a Friday night chat over ice cream and wine. While sharing business strategies with my friend and fellow business owner, I was shocked to discover she had operated a septic design firm for 10 years but didn’t have a website. Over the weekend I created and launched her first business website and our company was born.

We believe in creating streamline options and being as efficient as possible without sacrificing customer service.

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Our Founder

Danielle LaFleur

Danielle LaFleur


Danielle has over 27 years in Marketing, IT and Network design, development and training. She is the owner of Gray Lux, Inc. and understands the real needs small businesses have in creating value both online and in person with their clients. She is dedicated to creating successes for her team and her clients.

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What We Do Best

Our team of marketers,  web designers, copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers, and developers uphold the highest standards for project planning and execution, and we’re dedicated to building the best strategic marketing plan for your company.

Strategic Marketing

Market your business strategically and efficiently with a plan that works for your business. 

Sales Psychology Design

Design influences buyers engagement in your brand trust. 

IMC Development

Integrated Marketing Communication ensures that all areas of your communication is clear and attracts your target demographic. 

Brand Channel Alignment

Ensuring your brand channels are unique but work in alignment to your company core values. 

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