Your website is often the first time a potential client is deep diving into your offerings. Maybe they have heard of your business and they are looking at your site for more info or maybe they came across your site via Google. No matter how they arrived, you want them to stick around as long as possible. The quickest way to turn website visitors away is to have a cluttered, text heavy, unnavigable site. Our advice when it comes to website content is less is more!

People Do Not Read Everything

 People are busy and do not spend a lot of time consuming website text. If your site is page after page of paragraphs, you are going to lose the user’s interest. To create the best experience for site visitors, only include essential information and make it easy to scan. Bulleted lists and short paragraphs are easy to glance over and gather the main idea of the text. Remember that the user does not need all the information from your website, they just need enough info to move onto the next step of the sales process.

 Don’t Hide Call to Actions

 Since people tend to scan and not read websites, too much text results in burying any call to actions (CTA) you have on your site. A well-designed site has a variety of CTA’s to move the client to the next step. The action steps should be clear and easy to navigate. This is nearly impossible on a text heavy site.

 Don’t Give A Poor Company Impression

 A messy and crowded website can feel disorganized and that can result in the user thinking that your company is disorganized. When people feel like they are looking at something messy it creates stress in their body. You do not want that feeling associated with your company so keep it light and airy!

 Pique Interest To Complete the Sales Process

 The goal of your website should not be to give all the information needed to make a final decision. If you give too much info there is no reason for your potential client to ever contact you for more info. This can result in the client dismissing you as an option without any personal contact or a chance for your sales team to talk to them more extensively about your offerings. Your website should give enough information that the client knows you offer the service they need and it piques their interest enough to make a call to take the next step.

 Think of the Mobile Users 

 As with anything to do with websites you MUST think of mobile users. The majority of your website visitors will be on a mobile device. The problems that desktop users have will be amplified when they are moved onto mobile. Always check your sites usability on mobile and desktop to make sure it is user friendly for everyone.

Creating a site with just enough content to educate your audience without overwhelming them should be the goal. You want to give enough information that makes them take the next step in the hiring process, and if they land on a cluttered site and leave that will never happen. Create something clean and easy to navigate and you create a pleasant experience and a great first impression of your brand.